How to open a Dispensary

Interested in breaking into the cannabis industry?
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In order to open a cannabis dispensary, you must first secure a license. In the past, securing a license could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, however, the industry is becoming more mainstream and all inclusive so we have taken our secret sauce to securing cannabis dispensary licenses and created a cannabis application course. Join our course now to learn, how to secure real estate, download our cannabis business plan template, learn how to build your team, and much more!


You’ve secured your license! Now what? Enroll in our Cannabis Dispensary Operational Course learn how to actually open your dispensary. Our course has information from cannabis experts with over 30 years of cannabis experience. By enrolling in our course you will learn how to Understand your states regulations, how to pick your corporate structure, create a financial proforma, design your brand look and feel, secure your real estate and interior design concept, and much more. Course coming soon. Presale – $5,000

According to Verified Market Research, the Cannabis Industry became a 20 billion dollar industry in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 111.31 Billion by 2028. What once was looked at as a taboo industry is now the fastest growing industry in the United States of America. If you are interested in breaking into the industry but not sure where to start, take our short quiz below to better understand if you are suited to start an ancillary business, a plant touching business (Cultivation, Processing, and/or Dispensary, to support the industry as an employee of one of the businesses mentioned above or to invest in the cannabis industry.

Interested in breaking into the cannabis industry but not sure where to start? You came to the right place.

Cannabis is a dynamic and growing market with a multitude of opportunities. For those interested in the plant-touching side of the business, dispensaries enjoy a healthy profit margin. Most new cannabis retail operations are in the black within their first year of operation.


As more states move to legalize, more markets open for new cannabis entrepreneurs. Thirty-seven states and D.C have some form of legal cannabis program, and 17 of those have legalized adult-use cannabis. According to a Leading Cannabis Business Daily, nationwide cannabis sales in 2020, generated over $17.5B, up from $12.1B in 2019. Nationwide cannabis sales are projected to generate over $22B in 2021 and $30B in 2023.

Interested in breaking into the cannabis industry? Take our quiz today and we’ll tell you where to start!



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Starting a dispensary and applying for a license is no small task, so it is important you start out on the right foot. Included in this course, industry expert, Maxime Kot, breaks down the essentials to getting your dispensary plans off the ground, by securing a license. With step by step educational 2 – 6 minute videos, she explains the process of applying for a dispensary license. The course also includes supplemental documents to assist with your application/licensing process such as samples for Application Budget, Org Charts, Floor Plans, as well was Business Plan and Operations Manual Templates, and more!