How to open a Dispensary

Marketing activities can take up much time. Luckily, marketing automation is possible with the variety of tools available. Email tasks, lead generation tasks, and social media tasks are all things that can be automated. 

Automating email campaigns will free up the marketing team to work on other tasks. Everything from drip campaigns to cart abandonment emails or customized email campaigns can be automated. By automating drip campaigns, contacts are automatically enrolled into a campaign based on defined criteria and are sent content relevant to them on a scheduled basis. If a dispensary has an online order function, it would be wise to set up a cart recovery email so that when a customer leaves something in their cart without purchasing, they will be contacted to see if they’d like to fulfill their purchase. By creating customized email campaigns, dispensaries can send content to new leads with information about products, can follow up with specific products they may be interested in, and send emails that go into deeper detail on particular products. 

Automating lead generation tasks is a simple and effective way to get new contacts. Ideas for this include a landing page call to action that encourage website visitors to explore the website more and may lead them to a form they call fill out if they want to sign up for a newsletter or text messages with updates on specials and new deals. 

Social media tasks can also be automated. For example, Facebook offers a bot that can be set up to guide new leads that message on Facebook through the conversion process. Scheduling social media posts in advance is another way to save time. Many websites, like Hootsuite, allow posts to be scheduled in advance, so they’ll go out when engagement is at its highest.

Marketing automation is something to be taken advantage of, and will free up marketing staff to focus on other tasks, while still making sure that everything is running smoothly. 

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