How to open a Dispensary

SEO is an essential tool when marketing a cannabis dispensary. A solid web presence is necessary for dispensaries, especially as there are many advertising and marketing regulations. Ensuring that blog ideas for dispensaries are appropriately written can be especially helpful for SEO. Below are three blog ideas for dispensaries. 

  1. Strain Spotlights

Highlighting different strains and providing helpful information is easy to help with SEO. Customers and patients looking for cannabis strains can find in-depth information on the dispensary website with this type of blog. By writing about strains that your dispensary carries, you will also be able to advertise the shop and position your dispensary as a reliable source for cannabis information.

  • Cannabis Education

Blog posts dedicated to cannabis education are another reliable way to become a go-to source for customers looking for information. These blog posts can range from basic information such as “how to’s” to a more in-depth look at various terpenes. 

  • Recipes

Entice customers with new ways to consume cannabis. The blog post can link to the dispensary’s shop with suggestions for various raw cannabis, oils, or gummies that can be used in the recipes. For example, check out Budd Dispensaries’ blog post that compiled 5 Summer Cannabis Recipes.

There are numerous topics related to cannabis that need coverage and can boost a dispensary’s SEO. Ensuring that the dispensary’s web presence is strong and that customers can rely on the dispensary for information regarding products, the industry, and cannabis education is a surefire way to keep them valuing your brand. Blogging is the number one content marketing tactic according to over 65% of marketers. 

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