How to open a Dispensary

There are many strategies for bringing new customers into the dispensary and retaining them. Cannabis loyalty programs are one of the best marketing strategies to accomplish that goal.

A good loyalty program rewards customers by offering discounts, deals, and incentives when they visit the dispensary. However, unlike regular loyalty programs, cannabis loyalty programs may be affected by privacy laws.

 Restrictions on cannabis loyalty programs in specific markets are due to privacy laws prohibiting dispensaries from saving customer contact information for email and SMS marketing purposes. But, with an e-signature application that enables customers to opt-in to having their data stored, dispensaries can keep customer contact information while remaining compliant.

So what can a dispensary do to create an effective dispensary loyalty program?

  1. Offer a discounted product when enrolling in the program

A heavily discounted product will make customers more likely to sign up for the cannabis loyalty program. For example, incentivize a customer to sign up by offering a $1 pre-roll upon registering.

  • Create a point system

Incentivize clients to purchase more by creating a point system where they get the point for every dollar they spend. Then allow them to use these points to get discounted products or free merchandise.

Keeping the sign-up process simple will also make customers more likely to register.

  • Daily specials

Text messaging marketing sends customers who sign up for a daily special. Create an “exclusive” special that’s only accessible via text message. Offering loyalty discounts and deals that change daily incentivizes customers to come in regularly. 

  • Celebrate your customers

Consider offering customers a free or discounted product on their birthday. Loyalty programs help build customer relationships, and offering a free gift strengthens the relationship between business and customer.

  • Provide a loyalty discount

Provide a discount when a customer signs up for the cannabis loyalty program and when they purchase a certain amount. For example, the dispensary could offer a loyalty discount if the client spends over $50 or offer a percentage off purchases every 5th visit they make to the dispensary.

Cannabis loyalty programs are a great way to drive customers to visit the dispensary and keep them coming back. A loyalty program also makes a customer feel valued. The dispensary will likely retain more clients by providing discounts and deals through the loyalty program.

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