How to open a Dispensary

Generating lifelong relationships with your customers is vital for dispensaries. With more licenses being issued, dispensary customer retention is essential. So how does a dispensary retain customers?


Focusing on the customer experience is at the heart of any retail operation. The culture and knowledge of your team are crucial, especially when it’s a client’s first visit. To ensure repeat visits and that dispensary customer retention remains high, satisfying them from the moment they walk in the door is necessary. Furthermore, ensuring that the dispensary itself is inviting to customers is essential. People want to shop somewhere clean, welcoming, and friendly.

To do this, a dispensary must know what makes them different from its competitors. Examples include ensuring the dispensary staff is well-educated on the products provided or having the highest quality flower.

With clients new to cannabis, having staff capable of answering their questions, being educated on the products, and making recommendations will make their experience at the dispensary easier and cause them to be more likely to come back.

Knowing the customer and taking the time to make the customer feel they are cared for creates trust and will motivate them to come back to the dispensary. This can be done by utilizing a notes section in the cannabis point-of-sale (POS). Knowing customers’ names and their usual purchases will make them feel more valued.

Another tactic that helps customers feel valued and benefits sales are asking open-ended questions. This allows the staff better understand what the client is looking for, can lead to upselling, and creates long-term engagement.


After creating a lasting impression with customers, the dispensary needs to incentivize them to return.

Rewarding customers for their loyalty through loyalty programs can keep them coming back. These programs can include a point system that allows them a discount or a free item once they reach a certain amount or a deal that goes into effect once they sign up. Rewarding a customer for referring a friend or leaving a review is another way to drive loyalty.


Establishing the dispensary as a trustworthy and reliable brand by providing the customer with a positive experience and an incentive to continue frequenting the dispensary will build dispensary customer retention.


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