How to open a Dispensary

Dispensary marketing can be challenging due to restrictions set under many advertising guidelines. This means that creating unique dispensary marketing ideas can be incredibly helpful in garnering more attention. 

Ensuring customers have a unique experience at your dispensary is one way to stand out. Whether that’s a strong loyalty program, an emphasis on events such as a “Happy Hour,” or a food truck once a month. 

Driving web traffic can also be difficult, so keeping the dispensary’s website SEO optimized is necessary. Publishing content constantly and ensuring the website is easy for customers to use will help keep up SEO. 

While social media sites don’t allow ads for cannabis, they don’t ban dispensaries completely. Posting engaging and educational content using keywords can help the account rank on google. 

Online reviews are another essential aspect. Consider offering a discount or a small gift to any customer that leaves a review. Personal recommendations are often crucial for local businesses, and as dispensaries are restricted in the ways they can advertise, reviews are critical. 

Showing support for the community shows customers that the dispensary cares. Partnering with a charity to help collect goods or raise funds or hosting a drive are great ways to get involved in the community. Not only is the dispensary impacting the community positively, but by wearing branded gear and getting photos for social media, it’s also getting the word out about the business.

Coming up with great dispensary marketing ideas can be difficult due to restrictions placed on marketing and advertising. Still, new ideas can support sales and customer loyalty by thinking outside the box. 

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