How to open a Dispensary

The holidays will always be an important time of year for cannabis sales. There are many creative ways a Dispensary can incorporate its products with the holidays. According to AdCann, “most of these holiday cannabis marketing campaigns continue to be executed through non-paid social media content and email newsletters, with the occasional addition of age-gated display advertisements.” Here are 5 holiday marketing ideas for Dispensaries.

Offer Free Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider

Setting up a station of a free holiday drink like hot cocoa or apple cider gives the Dispensary a holiday feel and makes customers feel welcome and appreciated.  

Curate Gift Bags

Located in a recreational state? Create specialized gift sets with various products to make shopping for gifts simpler for customers. These could range from high CBD and low THC products for those just starting out to specialty products with top-shelf strains for experienced cannabis customers.

Partner with a Charity

Partner with a local charity to give back to the community. This could be a food drive encouraging customers to bring in cans for a percent off their purchase or a toy drive for children spending the holidays in the hospital. Community outreach not only ingrains your brand in the community but also reduces the stigma surrounding the cannabis industry.

Provide “Gifts” with Purchased Products

Entice customers with small gifts included with their purchased products. This could be something small, like stickers with the Dispensary’s branding or branded “swag,” like sunglasses or a hat.

Special Holiday Deals

Create a fun holiday deal. This could be a percentage off products on a specific weekday, a deal on different products every day for a specific amount of time, or a full-on holiday-themed “12 days of Christmas” or “8 days of Chanukah” advent-like sale where customers are surprised with a new deal daily.

Marketing and advertising regulations differ by state, so it’s important to ensure that your business follows state and federal regulations and social media community guidelines.

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