How to open a Dispensary

Responsiveness to Regulatory Changes

Dispensary business owners can help ensure their operation is following current cannabis regulations by establishing detailed SOPs. In an industry that is evolving rapidly and quickly, SOPs help dispensary operators respond to regulatory changes in a timely fashion by making it easier to update procedures, documentations, and other licenses and certifications that are required. When rules are updated, it’s easier to update dispensary practices by using your SOPs as a guide. They also help to shift liability in the event there is a compliance violation. If a budtender incorrectly fills out their employee forms or ID cards, robust SOPs provide security for the operation, and can relegate certain compliance issues, like the above, to human error.


Greater Efficiency and Ability to Scale

SOPs also make it easier for employees to perform their responsibilities efficiently and reduce operating costs. Over time, SOPs offer a framework to improve your operational processes and experiment with new technologies or systems.


Standardized procedures also provide a systematic approach to employee training, especially when you have established task-oriented SOPs. New hires then have a guidebook to follow from the beginning and can take on other responsibilities more easily in the future. Operators are also encouraged to look to veteran employees to provide input on how to implement better procedures. When SOPs are further defined they help ensure greater profitability and ability to scale. SOPs provide a template for replication and can help cannabis business owners duplicate their dispensary model in multiple markets. When entering an expansion phase, dispensary owners can rely on their SOPs to launch a new storefront, guarantee compliance, and ensure that new staff receive proper training and onboarding.


Improved Branding

A well established brand experience is essential for dispensary retail success, especially in the competitive cannabis landscape. For multi-state operators, SOPs are essential to ensuring their branding is consistent across their locations and that the customer experience remains the same. Overall, SOPs provide a template for replication and allow dispensary owners to hone in on their target customer in an effective way. SOPs will not only define how budtenders and staff interact with dispensary shoppers, they also systemize how inventory is stocked and displayed, as well as security measures and opening and closing procedures.


In essence, SOPs act as a checklist providing an extra layer of security for your company. They are more detailed than typical industry standards because they are unique documents designed to emulate your business goals, values, and needs.