How to open a Dispensary

With more expansion of cannabis legalization and more dispensaries opening, the market is becoming more competitive. To increase dispensary sales, there are some key factors to consider.


As the market becomes more saturated with retailers, dispensary owners must get more customers through their doors. This can be done through marketing, data, and customer loyalty.


As there is already a high level of consumer demand and awareness, less marketing should be used to educate customers about the client, but rather focus more on why a consumer should purchase from the dispensary. Marketing can be challenging for dispensaries due to legal limitations. However, there are plenty of ways to develop an effective marketing strategy.


Utilizing historical trends in the market can be advantageous as well. Ask customers what they want or expect from a quality dispensary experience. Make sure to listen to their feedback and implement it to develop a good customer experience.


Customer loyalty programs are another great way to retain the customer base. Reward repeat clients with programs that include freebies or discounts. This can boost dispensary sales as well by incentivizing customers to purchase more often.


Once a strategy for retaining customers in in place, dispensaries need to focus on increasing purchase value. This can be done through salesmanship, customer service, and exclusivity.


Staff members need to be excellent salespeople. Implementing a sales process that opens team members up to add on to sales, or “upsell,” will make this process easier. For example, if a client is in to buy flower, a team member can suggest rolling papers or a grinder.


Having exceptional customer service is necessary for any successful business. Ensure staff members are building trust and rapport with customers in order to keep clients coming back.


Having exclusivity over a particular product or brand can also increase dispensary sales. Develop a relationship with a grower, and see if it’s possible to get exclusive first access to a new strain. Partnering with an artisan to sell custom paraphernalia, such as pipes, is another chance to have exclusivity.


Increasing dispensary sales comes down to having a comprehensive strategy to acquire and retain customers. Define target audiences and determine a marketing plan, train staff members well, and continue to evaluate and adjust to maintain progress.


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