This fully customizable and editable Word Document, the Maryland Cannabis Operational Plan Template, is designed to give you and your company the power to take your cannabis business application into your own hands. This plan is specifically written for the Maryland cannabis application process and includes all requirements provided.

The Maryland Cannabis Operational Plan Template provides a description concerning the applicant’s qualifications for, experience in, and knowledge of each of the following topics:

  1. Sales of cannabis items to consumers;
  2. Cannabis product evaluation procedures;
  3. Recall plans;
  4. Packaging and labeling;
  5. Inventory control and point-of-sale software or systems for the sale of cannabis items;
  6. The routes of administration, strains, varieties, and cannabinoid profiles of cannabis and cannabis items;
  7. Odor mitigation practices;
  8. Onsite and offsite recordkeeping;
  9. Waste disposal plans; and
  10. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Please Note: This Maryland Cannabis Operational Plan template is not customized or specific to any local municipality

This is a pre-sale product; you will receive the package within 72 hours of purchase.


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