New Jersey Retail Safety and Security Plan Template

This fully customizable and editable Word Document is designed to give you and your company the power to take your cannabis business application into your own hands. Approximately 10 pages in length, this plan is specifically written for the New Jersey Annual License Application- Safety and Security Plan Measure and includes all requirements provided by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission and its statutory requirements.

This Safety and Security Plan Template includes a full overview of how your proposed cannabis business plans to comply with the security requirements of N.J.A.C. 17:30-9.10 as well as your familiarity with federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations; the history of workers’ compensation claims and safety assessments.

The Safety and Security Plan Template also includes the following sections:

  • Plans for the use of security personnel and contractors
  • Experience or qualifications of security personnel and proposed contractors
  • Security and surveillance features, including descriptions of any alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and access and visitor management systems, along with drawings identifying the proposed locations for surveillance cameras and other security features
  • Plans for the storage of cannabis and cannabis items, including any safes, vaults, and climate control systems that will be utilized
  • Diversion prevention plan
  • Emergency management plan
  • Procedures for screening, monitoring
  • Cybersecurity procedures
  • Workplace safety plans

Please Note: This template is not customized or specific to any local municipality

You will receive a digital download link immediately after purchase for both templates. All application templates are non-refundable.

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