How to open a Dispensary

Real Estate

Location, location, location is a well known property adage. When dealing with cannabis real estate, this still holds true, as long as the location is compliant. In most jurisdictions, in order to even fill out the paperwork related to your license application you’ll need to have a prospective physical location for your dispensary already secured. This means you’ll need to research the municipalities you are considering, paying particular attention to local rules, cannabis zoning laws, community demographics, and potential hurdles when it comes to compliance at the local level.

Our Real Estate course module addresses the challenges associated with finding the ideal location for your dispensary.  Get started today!

Zoning: Typically, you will have two sets of zoning regulations to abide by – the state’s and the local municipality (if it’s an unincorporated area, it’s regulated by the county). While every state and local municipality is different, standard zoning parameters are 500 – 1000 ft away from schools, daycare centers, churches, libraries, public parks, etc. In my opinion, freestanding buildings are best because parking and security will always end up being an issue in shared spaces.

Our Real Estate Module of this course is dedicated specifically to the challenges associated with finding the ideal location for your dispensary, and addresses all the major considerations involved in greater detail.  Get started today!

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