How to open a Dispensary

SOPs are used in all industries and are essential documents to ensure a company is able to deliver its products and services efficiently and in a profitable way. They also provide a standard for how tasks are performed and completed within an organization, and most importantly indicate compliance within sector regulations and operational requirements.


These standard documents are not necessarily used in the early growth stages of a company. SOPs often come into play when a company reaches a certain stage of growth where the CEO or other team leaders cannot effectively make all decisions and be involved in all areas of operations. SOPs allow the company to run effectively and proficiently so a company can communicate to its employees, provide governance, and translate changes in a streamlined manner.


Cannabis, as one of the most highly regulated industries, is a sector where SOPs are necessary from the beginning. As a tool, SOPs help to provide consistency, reduce errors, and improve communication. Cannabis companies that do not have robust SOPs in place open the door for compliance oversight and violations, which could ultimately lead to an operation being shut down or having to pay heavy fines.